Steven McGuinness exploring styles with a series of local scenes

In the gallery at Nice Things here in Ramsgate, we have a second exhibition by Pegwell Bay-based painter Steven McGuinness. He had one of his first solo shows here in February and has returned for another exhibition focusing on paintings of the local area, Ramsgate to the North Foreland lighthouse. 

I've been looking at the varying styles he is working in. I enjoy them all, starting with his linear block work, like this one of Pegwell Bay, with sky and sea divided into angular spaces with glowing colours that capture the light in this naturally beautiful area of the coast. It's extremely light, with delicate interpretation of the cliff and buildings. 

Other works are in a much more impressionistic style, with the most extreme this image of the Smeaton-designed lighthouse at Ramsgate's royal harbour. 

Ramsgate lighthouse

I've been really enjoying this picture of Broadstairs' Viking Bay beach, it's warm and cheerful, capturing the charm of summer that anyone who's visited the beach will know well. It must be one of England's most iconic beaches, it oozes childhood memories of 'going to the beach'. And then there's this painting of Ramsgate harbour - a touch of the linear approach, with a really delicate look to the colourful buildings that surround the harbour, with soft dark pencil used to emphasise lines, add detail, making it intriguing to explore as you get closer and closer to look. 

We'll all look forward to seeing more of Steven's work in the future, which includes large abstract canvases, as well as his beautiful local scenes. 

Broadstairs Viking Bay beach


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